About Alison and Susanna

Alison Emmerson graduated from Smith College in 2012 with a B.A. in Education and French. At Smith College, Alison tutored in inner-city schools for Project Coach, taught an MCAS preparatory class, and student-taught high school French. She is currently earning a teaching certification for grades 5-12 French, along with an advanced tutoring license, and an academic coaching certification. Upon graduating, Alison entered the workforce and taught fourth grade at an all-girls’ charter school in the south Bronx. She received a Fulbright scholarship to travel to Vietnam during the summer of 2013. In Vietnam, she studied Vietnamese and published lesson plans on cross-cultural issues. This year, Alison is working as a reading intervention specialist at Manhattan College and is also studying French, Arabic and Vietnamese. She most recently accepted a job writing curriculum at LifLife. She is very eager to be a part of the LitLife team! Alison is particularly concerned about language pedagogy, multiculturalism, educational politics in colonial and post-colonial countries, education as a mechanism for social change, and girls’ educational rights.

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Susanna Langholm graduated Smith College in early 2013 with a B.A. in Education/Liberal Studies and the zeal to serve in, examine and eventually transform education systems worldwide. Initially inspired by her experiences tutoring urban public school ESL learners, coaching an SAT class for inner city youth, student teaching in both first and sixth grade classrooms and working as a researcher for two education-focused NGOs, Susanna accepted her first formal post-collegiate position as a teacher for students with cognitive-based learning disabilities. Now working as the lead instructor/director of a supplementary learning center while freelancing for LitWorld/LitLife and the Human Rights Educators of the United States’ online magazine, Susanna hopes to further her exploration of education issues and concerns in an effort to formulate clearer questions and define her focus within the field. In particular, Susanna endeavors to hone her focus on literacy, early grade, ESL, special needs, and girls’ education, as well as the social and political implications attached to each.

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One response to “About Alison and Susanna

  1. I am so proud to see how one of my former students is using her considerable talents.

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