Culturally inclusive read aloud

Monica Brown is a children’s author who creates stories in both English and Spanish. Most American children stories are written solely in English and have characters that are mostly white. Read more about Monica Brown’s approach to writing culturally diverse children’s literature:

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Never forget.

It has been one year since the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown CT.

On December 14, 2012, 20-year old Adam Lanza entered the elementary school where he shot and killed 6 adults and 20 children.

May we never forget. We keep our thoughts and prayers with the victims’ families and the Newtown community.   

Hate, violence, and anger do have power. But this power is fleeting, dull. This power will never win. The power of love, hope, and resilience has the strength and fortitude to outshine any darkness. This is why we educate- to love, to protect, and to rejoice. 

In remembrance:

Charlotte Bacon, 6
Daniel Barden, 7
Rachel Davino, 29
Olivia Engel, 6
Josephine Gay, 7
Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 6
Dylan Hockley, 6
Dawn Hochsprung, 47
Madeleine F. Hsu, 6
Catherine V. Hubbard, 6
Chase Kowalski, 7
Nancy Lanza, 52
Jesse Lewis, 6
James Mattioli, 6
Grace McDonnell, 7
Anne Marie Murphy, 52
Emilie Parker, 6
Jack Pinto, 6
Noah Pozner, 6
Caroline Previdi, 6
Jessica Rekos, 6
Avielle Richman, 6
Lauren Rousseau, 30
Mary Sherlach, 56
Victoria Soto, 27
Benjamin Wheeler, 6
Allison N. Wyatt, 6

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NYT Opinion Piece

Pam Allyn, literacy advocate and founder of LitLife and LitWorld shares her opinion about using reading to promote creative thinking and identity development.

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Why teaching music matters…

The arts are usually so quickly forgotten in the fast-paced world of high school athletics. However, the arts have a poignant effect on students and their success. This story is not only inspirational but it also reminds us of the importance of arts education.

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Dress Code Creates Racial Boundaries

Socialized concepts of what is “tamed” and “natural” hair seem to favor those of the white population. All thoughts and opinions are appreciated…

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Happy Belated Birthday!

Bill Nye the Science guy just celebrated his 58th birthday yesterday!

I LOVED watching Bill Nye the Science guy as a young kid. Thanks for making science fun, dude!

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Creative Lesson on Internet Safety

This teacher’s idea is absolutely genius! In a world that is growing more and more towards technology and media, it important to educate our students about the importance of Internet safety. Last year, we had a police officer come to our school to share information with our students about the Internet. The police officer shared horror stories about children who had posted their location or their photos and were kidnapped and murdered. My students left the assembly sobbing their eyes out. I bet this method would have gotten the point across in a more direct and less terrifying manner.

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